Monday, September 17, 2007

Travel in Redang Island

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Redang Island Travelling in Malaysia

Redang Island

is located at 45 km offshore of Terengganu. It is abounds with marvelous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs, ensuring a great snorkelling and scuba-diving experience. What Redang Island has attracted me is white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world.....

Redang Beach

Plenty of sun, sand and sea. That's what visitors will find in Redang which offer some of the nicest beaches among Malaysian islands. Wide expanses of fine, powdery sand under one's feet. At mid-day, when the rays of the sun penetrate the sea, brilliant hues of coral, anemones and clams may be seen.

Batfish are usually encountered in small schools in Redang. They feed on algae, invertebrates or small fishes. This Batfish was hovering near us when we were doing our decompression stop at Chek Isa.

Berjaya Redang Beach resort is a nice and comfortable resort that give u an unforgettable memory.